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SUMM is your partner in leveraging your team's culture to boost the growth of your organization and its people. By doing so, you attract suitable talent, keep the best employees, and lay the foundation for success built on common values.

They guide employers and teams in identifying their distinctive culture, embedding it into their organization, and applying it consistently across the employee journey. While it's a serious endeavor, they approach every step with enjoyment and in close collaboration with each team member.

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  • Technology Features

    Streamlined Development with Cutting-Edge Tech

    • Gatsby Frontend: Delivers fast, dynamic UIs with modern web technology for an engaging user experience.
    • Prismic CMS: Offers flexible content management, making updates and blog integration simple and efficient.
    • Localization: Supports both Dutch and English, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.
    • Styled Components: Allows for responsive and visually appealing design with customizable styling.
    • Netlify Functions & AWS: Ensures reliable backend operations, from email communications to content management.
    • GraphQL: Facilitates efficient, flexible data retrieval, enhancing user interactions and backend functionality.
    • Resources Page: Provides valuable PDF documents available for download at the click of a button.
    • Blogs Page: Features our latest posts about culture, keeping users informed and engaged with fresh content.
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