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InvestmentBag is a cutting-edge web application designed to revolutionize the way individuals manage their investment portfolios. Built with the latest version of Next.js and leveraging the power of Firebase, this app offers a comprehensive solution for both novice and experienced investors.

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  • Tech Stack

    Frontend Development:

    • Next.js (v13): Utilized for a robust and scalable frontend, enhanced with App Router for seamless navigation.

    Backend Services:

    • Firebase Authentication: Secures user access and identity.
    • Firebase Storage: Manages data storage efficiently.
    • Firebase Firestore: Real-time database for dynamic data handling.
    • Firebase Cloud Functions: Powers serverless backend functionalities.
    • Firebase Job Schedulers (Cron Jobs): Automates tasks like option expiry checks.

    Market Data Integration:

    • Twelve Data API: Provides real-time stocks and forex rates.

    Backend Requests Management:

    • SWR (Stale-While-Revalidate): Enhances data fetching and caching for optimal performance.
    • Tanstack React Table: Creates dynamic and informative tables for data presentation
    • CSV Import/Export: Facilitates easy data transfer and record-keeping.

    User Interface Design:

    • Tailwind CSS: For stylish and responsive design layouts.
    • Lottie Animations: Adds engaging visual elements to enhance user experience.
    InvestmentBag Dashboard

    InvestmnentBag Orders

    An orders page with complex filtration by managing indexes in firebase

    InvestmentBag Charts

    Charts on order page helps understand the investor profit and loss

    InvestmentBag Holdings

    An holdings page that is an aggregated DB for calculating holdings within milliseconds

    InvestmentBag Stocks

    Stocks page that are shown by user's choice

    InvestmentBag Stock Details
    InvestmentBag Landing Page