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Lucullan Properties offers a digital showcase and knowledge base that marries sophistication with the latest trends in construction and design, all tailored for the Canadian market. This platform stands as a beacon for those seeking to delve into the nuanced world of Canadian real estate, architecture, and construction insights, supported by a robust technological framework.

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  • Key Features

    • Blogs: Rich articles on construction trends, design psychology, and innovative strategies tailored to Canadian standards.
    • Past Projects Gallery: A vast collection of completed projects, dynamically updated via Prismic, offering insights and inspiration.
    • Floorplans: Filterable by criteria like room count and size, accommodating diverse user preferences.
    • Project Showcase: Detailed narratives and captivating image carousels bring projects to life, showcasing craftsmanship.
    • Design Details: Comprehensive descriptions and specs for both 3D and 2D designs, highlighting attention to detail.
    • Services Overview: Illustrated guide outlining Lucullan Properties' methodical approach from conception to completion.
    • Warranty Support: Dedicated page for clients to submit claims with image uploads and detailed descriptions for post-project peace of mind.

    Technology Stack

    • Next.js: Provides the backbone for a fast, SEO-friendly, and highly interactive web application, offering server-side rendering and static site generation capabilities for a smooth user experience.
    • Prismic (Headless CMS): Facilitates dynamic content updates, allowing for the easy management of blog posts, project pages, and floor plans without the need for direct changes in the codebase.
    • Chakra UI: Utilized for its flexible and accessible component library, enabling the creation of a responsive and visually appealing design with ease.
    • Vercel: Ensures swift deployment and optimal hosting of the Next.js application, benefiting from global CDN support, automatic HTTPS, and high performance.
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